You looked at the state, did you also check federal law. Much of the motor vehicle requirements are mandated by federal law rather than state. » 2/28/15 3:26pm 2/28/15 3:26pm

I regularly use a laptop desk that hangs around your shoulders called a Connect-a-Desk. It is directly attached to my body and I have already had an incident. I don't even want to think about something free standing that others can tip over. » 1/16/15 7:32pm 1/16/15 7:32pm

It would take quite a bit longer than a few minutes idling to get your car into closed loop. Quickest way to closed loop is driving normally for a few miles. » 1/08/15 3:25pm 1/08/15 3:25pm

1963 Corvair Monza Spyder convertible. White over red, 4 speed. Bought it before I had a license in about 1984. Drove it for about a year and decided I wanted a mustang. Sold it for enough to buy a '67 Mustang and have regretted it ever since. Don't know where it is now but the guy I sold it to "restored" it with bad… » 11/28/14 6:43pm 11/28/14 6:43pm